Coaching and Guidance

We offer extensive coaching and guidance on the following: i. How to Chair a Disciplinary Hearing ii. How to Initiate a Disciplinary Hearing iii. Bringing and defending a matter at the CCMA iv. Conducting an internal investigation v. Dealing with internal Sexual Harassment cases vi. How to handle absenteeism and poor work performance vii. How to curb abuse of sick leave

Disciplinary Hearings

PK Labour Consulting specialises in the chairing of disciplinary hearings. When chairing a disciplinary hearing our qualified and professional team strive to remain unbiased and ensure that the correct legal procedure is adhered to including procedural and substantive fairness. Following and adhering to the correct procedure during the disciplinary hearing increases the chances of our client success in bringing or defending the matter in the CCMA or any applicable Bargaining Council and beyond.

Company Policies

PK Labour Consulting can create specific policies for companies that meet the specialised needs of your business, Such as: i. Staff disciplinary Code of conduct. ii. Grievance Procedure Policy. iii. Employment Contracts (fixed term and standard). iv. Performance management programme v. Policies on staff appraisal vi. General Business Policies vii. Service Level Agreements.


PK Labour Consulting assists and guides our clients in implementing and managing any form of retrenchment process in terms of section 189 of the LRA. A retrenchment process can become very complicated and the penalties imposed by the CCMA when the process is not followed correctly can be very costly, our professional team endeavour to ensure that we save our clients those unnecessary costs by ensuring that they follow the correct legal procedure.

Lead investigations

PK Labour Consulting is able to lead investigations into any form of alleged misconduct within a workplace.

CCMA & Bargaining Council Appearance

PK Labour Consulting will coach, prepare and guide you as our valued client in any matter within the jurisdiction of the CCMA and Bargaining Council for conciliation including arbitration.


PK Labour Consulting Coaches and guides our client regarding negotiating on any labour matter with employees and Trade Unions.

Employment equity

PK Labour Consulting is always striving to ensure that our clients are empowered to handle the employment equity requirements.